Weave Cipher

While many of the other pages on this site are dedicated to historical modes of
encoding messages, this is a modern offering that may or may not have been
invented by yours truly (the webmaster here at DecipherDemon.com).

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

When you fill your head with codes all day/night/wee-hours-of-dawn, it's hard to tell what you created and what you've adopted from the masters, so I can't officially take credit for this device.

Regardless, I call it the Weave Cipher, and it's deceptively simple. Just take two words of equal length and intersperse their letters one after the other. For example, to encode the phrase "bacon rules," first place the "B" from "bacon," then the "R" from "rules," then the "A" from "bacon," then the "U" from "rules," and so on and so forth. The secret message would look like this:

There you have it: a cipher fit for a meal!